The 2016 ALAN Workshop

The 2016 ALAN Workshop

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Innovators, Visionaries, and Rebels:
Celebrating Risk Takers in Young Adult Literature

ALAN Workshop, Atlanta 2016

Innovation, vision, risk, rebellion—these distinguish our most noteworthy young adult books and our most effective ways of promoting and teaching them. They pave the way for literary excellence, creativity, and resistance to the status quo. At the 2016 ALAN Workshop, we’ll celebrate authors, editors, teachers, librarians, critics, and teen advocates who have pushed our field forward through their risk-taking work with YA lit.


In keynote speeches, panel discussions, author conversations, and breakout sessions, we’ll explore questions such as:

  • Who are the authors who engage and challenge readers through innovative approaches to writing craft and storytelling? Who are the editors and publishers who bring us books unlike those we’ve seen before? Who are the teachers, librarians, critics, and advocates who champion those books and help them find their audience?
  • What does risk-taking look like in YA writing, reading, teaching, and advocacy?
  • How do we call and persuade others to join us in developing a bold vision for our work with YA lit and the teens who read it?


Join us in Atlanta where we’ll pay tribute to the innovators of the past and hear from the visionaries of today. We’ll share writing that dazzles, stories that challenge, and teaching that inspires. We’ll discuss the courage it takes to rebel. And we’ll honor the political and aesthetic risks involved in pushing YA lit to greater heights.

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