ALAN sponsors a number of grants and awards. Click the titles below for more information (or use the navigation menu along the top of your browser screen).

ALAN Foundation Grant
Members of ALAN may apply to the ALAN Foundation for funding (up to $1,500) for research in young adult literature.

Gallo Grants
The Gallo Grants were established in 2003 by former ALAN Award and Hipple Award recipient Don Gallo to encourage educators in their early years of teaching to attend the ALAN Workshop for the first time.

Smith/Carlsen Grant
The Smith/Carlsen Grant supports the attendance of a graduate student working in English Education, Literacy Education and/or Young Adult Literature to attend the ALAN Workshop.

Cart/Campbell Grant
The Cart /Campbell Grant offers funding and complimentary registration for practicing librarians toward attendance at the annual two-­day ALAN Workshop.

Ted Hipple Service Award
The Ted Hipple Service Award is given each year to an individual who has contributed to the ALAN organization.

The ALAN Award
Almost from its inception, ALAN has given the ALAN Award to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of adolescent literature.

The Walden Award
The Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award is an award in the United States for a book that exemplifies literary excellence, widespread appeal, and a positive approach to life in young adult literature.

The Kongisberg Award
The Konigsberg Award is presented annually to an individual who has acted in selfless advocacy of marginalized youth through the creation, teaching, funding or other form of promotion of young adult literature.