James Blasingame 2021 Hipple Award Winner

James Blasingame 2021 Hipple Award Winner

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2021 Hipple Award Winner: James Blasingame

Dr. Blasingame has played a significant role in shaping ALAN into the organization it is today. He served as Co-Editor of The ALAN Review from 2003-2009 and in the ALAN presidential line from 2009-2011. Most recently, he served as the Executive Director of ALAN from 2016-2020.

During his time in each of these roles, above all, Jim has been a friend and mentor to members of the ALAN family. Unfailingly positive, genuinely encouraging, and steadily present, Jim truly listens to those around him—never to judge, but always to understand. Jim consistently leads by example and is steadfast in his commitment to equity and representation both in young adult literature and within ALAN. The grace with which he has navigated his leadership positions and the important advocacy work he has accomplished are constant reminders to all of us that love, empathy, and compassion are at the center of our shared work.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. James Blasingame. We look forward to honoring him at the 2021 ALAN Breakfast.

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