The highlight of each year is the annual ALAN Workshop. At this gathering, you’ll meet with colleagues from across the country, receive copies of some of the best and most popular young adult titles, and get to hear from a host of young adult authors. The workshop is held each year in conjunction with the NCTE Annual Convention. Registration is handled through NCTE’s web site (see below for more information).

ALAN Breakfast
Our ALAN Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, November 21, 2015 from 7:00am – 9:15am. This year’s speaker will be award-winning author Chris Crutcher.

Workshop LocationMinneapolis Convention Center Map The 2015 ALAN Workshop will be held in Minneapolis, MN from November 23-24 in conjunction with the annual NCTE Convention held in the same location. The workshop will be held in ballrooms A & B of the convention center (see map to the left; click for a larger image).

Workshop Details
The theme for the 2015 ALAN workshop is “Viva La Reading Revolution!” In a time when educational reform and mandates are pushing pleasure reading out of classrooms and the emphasis on test scores has companies selling “quick fix” programs to boost reading achievement, we here at ALAN still know that the best formula for turning kids into successful reads is to give them a caring, professional adult who knows good books; time to read; choice; and access to a variety of titles. This shouldn’t be considered revolutionary, but unfortunately in this day and age, it is.

Proposals for the workshop breakout sessions are no longer being accepted. Submitted proposals are under review and announcements about accepted breakouts will be posted soon.

Registration for the annual workshop is handled through NCTE’s web site, through the same system used to process registrations for NCTE’s annual convention. Please note that you do not have to register for NCTE’s convention (or be a member of NCTE) to register for and participate in the ALAN workshop. If you only want to register for the ALAN workshop, fill out the required information on the first page of the site (check the “I would like to add items without a registration” option–see image below) and then click the button to go to the second page where you can add the ALAN workshop to your cart.

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