The highlight of each year is the annual ALAN Workshop. At this gathering, you’ll meet with colleagues from across the country, receive copies of some of the best and most popular young adult titles, and get to hear from a host of young adult authors. The workshop is held each year in conjunction with the NCTE Annual Convention. Registration is handled through NCTE’s web site (see below for more information).


ALAN Breakfast

The ALAN Breakfast is scheduled for the morning of Saturday, November 17, 2018. Our speaker will be the popular and acclaimed young adult writer A. S. King. Tickets are required for the breakfast and you can add them to your NCTE Conference registration or workshop registration following the instructions listed below.


Workshop Location

The 2018 ALAN Workshop will be held in Houston, Texas from November 19-20 in conjunction with the annual NCTE Convention held in the same city.


Workshop Details

From its inception, the field of adolescent literature has pushed against norms, offered voice for those whose voices have been minimized or silenced, and introduced us to characters who resist expectations and restrictions. Our hopes for a better and more just future rest with the readers sitting in front of us today. The decisions we make about the books we write, publish, teach, and share with others are decidedly political acts, and can allow adolescents to use literacies as a means for social and political engagement. More broadly, books empower adolescents, showing them they can fight for themselves, for others, and for a more equitable world. Books show us all that we can make a difference in times of division and tension.

At the 2018 ALAN workshop, we will celebrate adolescent literature that resists the status quo, pushes us beyond our comfort zones, and forces us to consider the tough questions.



Registration for the annual workshop is handled through NCTE’s web site, through the same system used to process registrations for NCTE’s annual convention. Please note that you do not have to register for NCTE’s convention (or be a member of NCTE) to register for and participate in the ALAN workshop. Instructions for registration depend on whether or not you plan to also attend NCTE:

If you are planning to attend the NCTE convention:
As you complete your online registration for the NCTE conference, you will find an option to add the ALAN breakfast ticket in Step 3: Meals and you will find the option to add registration for the ALAN workshop under Step 4: Special Events (see images below; click on each thumbnail for an expanded view).

register for ALAN breakfast

register for workshop


If you only want to register for the ALAN Workshop:
(Please note that you may need to create an NCTE account if you are not already a member of NCTE. This can be done after you fill out the Last Name and Email Address fields on the first page of the registration site.) Select the option from the main registration screen for the CEL/ALAN Workshop Only Registration; add the ALAN Workshop option to you registration during Step 2: Special Events (see images below; click on each thumbnail for an expanded view).

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our social media team via Facebook or Twitter (@ALANorg).

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