Submit a Proposal for the 2020 Workshop

Submit a Proposal for the 2020 Workshop

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Book Brave: Using YAL to Rethink Spaces Together

ALAN Breakout Session Proposal Form
Denver, CO, November 23-24, 2020


For our 2020 gathering in Denver, we hope to shift power structures—both within and beyond the workshop. Responding to workshop participants’ requests, we aim to have greater diversity of session topics and presenters and more engaging interactions between authors, presenters, and attendees. To that end, all breakout sessions must be interactive. We hope they will spark conversation and explore the possibilities of young adult literature. The more interactive, the better.

The theme of the workshop is “Book Brave: Using YAL to Rethink Spaces Together.” We will feature authors and presenters who are keenly focused on pushing the field and reimagining spaces—classroom spaces; library spaces; and spaces, at large. We welcome session topics which feature characters and/or themes which celebrate the diversity of young people in our schools and libraries. In US public schools, more than half of students identify as people of color, one-eighth are served under the Individuals with Disabilities Act, and more than half are eligible for free/reduced lunch (NCES, 2016). More than four-fifths of students who self-identify as LGBTQ report verbal harassment due to their sexual orientation, and three-fifths report being harassed due to their gender expression (GLSEN, 2011). We particularly seek presenters who have critical perspectives of the field and who are willing to speak out in support of young people who have been historically marginalized and oppressed.

Because YA authors will be featured throughout on most of the program, we are reserving the breakout sessions for teachers, librarians, university educators, publishers, and others who are not YA authors.

Important Details

  • Breakout sessions will be 50 minutes in length.
  • All applicants must be members of ALAN (Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the National Council of Teachers of English). You can join or renew your membership at
  • An electronic version of this application is available on the ALAN website at

Electronic submissions are due no later than midnight (MST) on Friday, January 31, 2020 and should be sent to: with the subject line “ALAN Breakout Proposal.”


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