A.S. King Is 2016 ALAN Workshop Keynote Speaker

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A.S. King Author Photo (1)

A message from ALAN President Jennifer Buehler:

I am thrilled to announce A. S. King as the keynote speaker for the 2016 ALAN Workshop. King’s work epitomizes this year’s workshop theme of innovation, vision, and risk taking.

No matter which A.S. King title you pick up, you can count on it to be smart, funny, and deep, full of original metaphors and brutal emotional honesty. Across her novels, you’ll find references to pirates, reality television, the Vietnam War, science and genetics, feminist politics, and art.

You’ll also find magical realism. King’s teenage characters receive visits from Socrates and encouragement from talking ants. They build invisible helicopters, meet alternate versions of themselves, and see the future. Every one of her books is unique, but what they all have in common is tremendous respect for the intelligence of teenagers. Nothing could be more fitting for the workshop.

Watch this website and ALAN’s Facebook page for more upcoming announcements about this year’s ALAN Workshop.

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