ALAN Elections 2018

ALAN Elections 2018

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The following candidates are running for the indicated offices in the ALAN leadership. Many thanks to the 2018 ALAN Elections Committee for their hard work in this process. Members can cast their votes by clicking the button below. (Note that you will need your ALAN member number, which can be found to the left of your name on the mailing label for The ALAN Review.) Voting opens on August 1 and closes on October 10.

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ALAN President (Vote for One)

DR. RICKI GINSBERG is a proud member of the ALAN family. She is currently Assistant Professor of English Education at Colorado State University and has been honored to serve in many roles within ALAN: She is an assistant editor of The ALAN Review, a co-coordinator of Social Media, coordinator of Workshop volunteers, a former chair of the Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award committee, and a former Board member. Other ALAN committees she has served/chaired include: the grant committees, public relations committee, elections committee, workshop proposal review committee, merchandising committee, and ALAN Award committee.

If elected, Ricki is committed to improving the diversity within ALAN membership and the ALAN Workshop. She currently serves on the newly formed ALAN Diversity Committee and is excited about the committee’s action plan. She has developed the Diverse Leadership in Education program at her university and hopes to engage in similar work with ALAN. Her research interests include multicultural YA literature, cultural identity, and critical pedagogy. She has published in English Journal, Multicultural Perspectives, Research in the Teaching of English, The ALAN Review, and Journal of Adolescent Research.


SusanGDR. SUSAN GROENKE is associate professor of English Education at the University of Tennessee, where she teaches YA literature, directs a PhD program in children’s and young adult literature, and directs the Center for Children’s and Young Adult Literature. Dr. Groenke has served on the ALAN Executive Board and the editorial board for The ALAN Review; has chaired the ALAN Award committee; has received an ALAN research grant, and has published several articles in The ALAN Review. In addition, Dr. Groenke has served as former editor of NCTE’s English Leadership Quarterly, has chaired numerous NCTE nominating committees, and is a current member of the NCTE Commission on the Study and Teaching of Adolescent Literature. With Lisa Scherff, Dr. Groenke co-authored the NCTE publication, Teaching YA Lit through Differentiated Instruction. Dr. Groenke’s instructional and research commitments with preservice and inservice teachers, librarians, and community members align well with the work and mission of ALAN. Groenke sees leadership in the organization as an opportunity to serve by advancing what we know about adolescent reading motivation and engagement with young adult literature.



ALAN Board (Vote for Three)

EDITH CAMPBELL is an Associate Education Librarian in the Cunningham Memorial Library at Indiana State University. She currently serves is on the Advisory Board for the Research on Diversity in Youth Literature journal and YALS (Young Adult Library Services Journal). In 2016, she served as a Faculty Fellow to the ISU Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence’s Multicultural Curriculum Learning Community. She is a past member of the Michael A. Printz Committee, WNDB Walter Award Committee, YALSA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults selection committee and the CYBILS Nonfiction Awards committee. Her writings have appeared in VOYA, Children and Libraries, Indiana Libraries and Library Media Connections. She blogs at CrazyquiltEdi. Edith received her B.A. in Economics from the University of Cincinnati and MLS from Indiana University.


SHANETIA P. CLARK, PH.D., is an associate professor of literacy in the Department of Early and Elementary Education at Salisbury University (Maryland). Her teaching and research interests include young adult and children’s literature and literacy methods. Her scholarship has been published in books chapters and in peer-reviewed journals, such as The ALAN Review.

Dr. Clark has been active in NCTE and ALAN.  She presents regularly at the NCTE Annual Convention, and she currently serves on the NCTE Middle Level Section Steering Committee. As a member of ALAN, she served on the Merchandising Committee, shared book reviews for ALAN Picks and the ALAN workshop, and chaired a panel at the ALAN workshop.

As an ALAN board member, Dr. Clark looks forward to expanding the reach and impact of ALAN beyond the workshop and throughout the year.


SARAH DONOVAN, a member of NCTE and junior high teacher since 2002, began presenting at NCTE conventions in 2011, sharing her research on genocide literature, inclusive classroom libraries, and ethical grading practices. She is also an adjunct professor at DePaul University where she teachers methods and psychology courses for pre-service teachers. In 2015, she launched a teacher blog Ethical ELA to share stories from her classroom and spark conversations about the decisions English teachers make every day. In 2017, she published Genocide Literature in Middle and Secondary Classrooms (Routledge), and this year, Sarah joined other ALAN members in organizing the first Young Adult Literature Summit with UNLV, accepted a position as columnist for The ALAN Review, contributed to six forthcoming edited collections about teaching and literature, and published her first young adult verse novel, Alone Together. She looks forward to being of service to her field, colleagues, and the students with whom we are all entrusted.


SYBIL DURAND is an assistant professor in the Department of English at Arizona State University where she teaches courses in young adult (YA) literature and English teaching methods. Her research focuses on representations of youth of color in YA literature—including multicultural and postcolonial texts—and explores how teachers and students engage these stories. Her latest study examines a Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) after school program and how culturally diverse YA texts support middle school students in addressing social issues in their schools and communities.

Dr. Durand’s work is featured in the The ALAN Review, including the column “Right to Read” that she and her colleague, James Blasingame, co-edited in 2015-2016. She currently serves on the ALAN Ad Hoc Diversity Committee and as an ALAN state representative, and she regularly attends the NCTE convention and the ALAN workshop.

KEISHA REMBERT is a lifelong learner and 15+ year middle school educator. Her passion for social justice and youth literature coalesce in her membership on NCTE’s Committee Against Racism and Bias, her work as a ALAN Book Reviewer, and as Illinois’ NCTE Coordinator for the Recognizing Excellence in Arts and Literary Magazine (REALM).

As a professional development junkie, Keisha has attended and presented at numerous local (Association of Illinois Middle-grade Schools) and national (NCTE, National Endowment for the Humanities, Gilder Lehrman) conferences and seminars.  Near and dear to her is her service on the Illinois Holocaust Museum’s Educator Advisory Council.


LIZETTE SERRANO (Executive Director of Educational Marketing) for over 20 years has been a part of Scholastic’s mission for providing access to books for every child. This includes playing a key role connecting educators and librarians with authors, books, curriculum materials and collaborating on programs for over 20 national conventions annually. For NCTE and ALAN, she’s cultivated and developed hundreds of educational programing for the conference and is dedicated to working closely with the ALAN president, ALAN review editorial team and numerous members to bring impactful and rich content to educators across genres and diversity. She is dedicated to support ALAN’s future work with her experience and passion for supporting students’ access to literature.