ALAN is pleased to announce the following winners of various grants and awards for the 2016 year. You can read more about these awards from this page on our site.


Gallo Grant Winners: Amy Estersohn & Michelle Lauber

Congratulations to Amy Estersohn and Michelle Lauber for being selected as the Gallo Grant Awardees for 2016. Amy has completed two years as a seventh English grade teacher at Hommocks Middle School in Larchmont, New York. Michelle has completed four years as a tenth grade English teacher, at Alcoa High School, in Alcoa, Tennessee. Many thanks to Dr. Don Gallo for making this possible.


Cart/Campbell Grant Winner: Shaina Ray

Congratulations to Shaina Ray for being selected as the awardee for the very first Cart Campbell Grant! Ms. Ray is a librarian at Chesnee High School in Chesnee, South Carolina. She is in her sixth year of service as a librarian. Many thanks to the Cart/Campbell Committee selection committee for their hard work on developing this award, and many thanks, also, to the kind generosity that made this grant possible. This is a grand tribute to two of our favorite people, Patty Campbell and Michael Cart, whose dedication to young readers has been phenomenal.


Smith/Carlsen Grant Winner: Jason Griffith

The winner of the very first ALAN Smith/Carlsen Grant is Jason Griffith, from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Jason is currently a Teaching Associate and PhD Student (English Education) at Arizona State University. Congratulations, Jason! Many thanks to the members of the Smith/Carlsen selection committee for their hard work on developing this award, and many thanks also go to the kind generosity that made this grant possible. This award is a fitting tribute to two pioneers of the Young Adult genre, Dora Smith and Robert Carlsen.


Nilsen/Donelson Award: Michelle M. Falter

The winner of the Nilsen/Donelson Award for the best article in The ALAN Review for the past year goes to Michelle M. Falter. Dr. Falter is an assistant professor of English Education at North Carolina State University. Her article, “Addressing Assumptions about Adolescents in a Preservice YAL Course,” deals with university courses in YAL for preservice teachers and how to use young adult novels in ways that do not essentialize adolescents. This award is named for two pioneers in YAL, Alleen Pace Nilsen and Ken Donelson, professors emeriti at Arizona State University, who were instrumental in the birth and growth of ALAN and whose textbook on YAL is still the most widely used in the world.


The ALAN Review Award for the Best Column of the Year: E. Sybil Durand and James Blasingame

The winners of the annual award for The ALAN Review best column of the issue year are E. Sybil Durand and James Blasingame, professors at Arizona State University, for their Right to Read article entitled, “Do No Harm,” an examination of who gets hurt when books are withheld from young readers. This column included a grand finale about the dangers of censorship from Gary Paulsen. The award comes with a complementary registration to the two-day ALAN Workshop, in Atlanta, which the columnists are donating to Anthony Celaya, a high school teacher at Dobson High School, in Mesa, Arizona, and a PhD student in English Education at Arizona State University.