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The 2016 ALAN Elections committee includes Rick Williams (chair), Susan Groenke, Anne McLeod, Cindy Minnich, and Daria Plumb.

Every election cycle, the problem is the same: Only a small percentage of eligible voters actually cast ballots. How can we increase the number of voters to ensure that those elected represent the stakeholders? How do we make sure the process is easy and transparent?

I’m not talking about the presidential election here, but ALAN’s annual election for Board members and President-elect.

Every year ALAN elects three Board members who serve three-year terms, as well as a President-elect. The Elections Committee is currently developing a slate of candidates for this year’s election. The candidates will write up short biographies that describe their experience and perspectives, and these will be shared with ALAN members this summer, through the newsletter and website. Voting usually takes place in September-October.

Over the last few years, we have moved from hard copy ballots in the mail to online ballots, but the problem of low voter turn-out persists. The people elected have always done a super job, but they, like those who were elected before them, would like to see participation in the election increase. The Board has discussed this at the last two annual meetings, brainstorming different ideas to increase the number of votes cast. We’d appreciate your suggestions in the comments below, or you can email committee chair Rick Williams.

Maybe you’d like to one day serve on the Board yourself? First, get involved with the workings of ALAN. Serve on a committee, volunteer at the workshop, write book reviews for the website or this newsletter, present a breakout session at the workshop. Learn about the organization and let other people get to know you. Then when your candidate profile appears on the list, people have a name and face to connect with and a reason to put a check beside your name.

  • Anne McLeod, for the Elections committee

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  1. Where would one find information about getting more involved in ALAN?

  2. Anne McLeod

    Hello, Edi! In the newsletter we often post notices about volunteering for committee work or other jobs. I’d like to see us become more systematic about soliciting new folks to work on various ALAN projects. Maybe a sign-up form on the website would help, something that committee chairs and board members could have access to and then contact volunteers.

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