Become a Reviewer for The ALAN Review

Thank you for wanting to serve as a reviewer for The ALAN Review! TAR publishes high-quality articles and professional materials that support the learning and development of readers committed to (or wanting to learn more about) young adult literature—its authors, its readers, and its advocates. TAR publishes scholarship and resource materials that build, expand, and challenge readers’ understandings, as well as support them in the daily work they do with the students in their care.
Expectations of reviewers are as follows:

1. Read and evaluate manuscripts within three weeks of receipt. Reviewers will provide timely and thoughtful feedback on the relevance of the manuscript to the call/field of YAL, clarity of the writing, and strength of the methods/approaches described. Reviewers will provide evidence for the claims they make about the manuscript and provide specific feedback for the author. We aim for the revision process to be constructive for the author; therefore, we expect reviewer comments to be actionable, clear, and kind.

2. Reviewers ultimately select if a manuscript is: Accept (with minor revisions), Conditionally Accept (accept with necessary revisions), Revise and Resubmit for Review (Substantial revisions necessary; resubmit with no guarantee of publication), Reject (Not suitable for publication in TAR).

We appreciate your expertise and support of our authors. We employ a double-blind referee system: identities of the author(s) and the reviewers are not revealed to one another.  However, we include reviewers’ comments (or excerpts) in our responses to submitting author(s).
To indicate your interest, please fill out the below Google form with your information and expertise. When we receive manuscripts for each issue, we try to match manuscripts to our reviewer’s expertise. If selected, you will then receive a blinded copy of a manuscript and a Google form to complete the review within 2-3 weeks.
To become a reviewer, please fill out the following interest form: